Anina + Chris // Row Boat Adventure


On our recent trip to Switzerland we met Anina and Chris at the Pfäffikersee lake in Pfäffikon close to Zurich. We say this over and over, but our single favourite thing about our job is meeting so many lovely and like-minded people. Ever since we followed her journey on Instagram, we felt so inspired by Aninas positivity, her outlook on life and her amazing vegan food creations. So of course we knew we'd have the most amazing time meeting her and her (equally lovely) boyfriend Chris. And boy, did we! Thank you Anina and Chris for our little row boat adventure and a time so well spent.

And if you are interested in healthy (yes!) and vegan (yes! yes! yes!) food: hop over to Aninas Instragram @aniahimsa. (We love how 'aniahimsa' is a merge of Aninas name and the sanskrit word 'ahimsa', which meant so much to us, ever since we turned vegan, since it's standing for the living of a nonviolent and compassionate life towards all beings)

Ahimsa is an attribute of the brave. Cowardice and ahimsa don't go together any more than water and fire - Mahatma Gandhi.