Lara + Toni // Vegan Wedding


This is the story of the wedding of Lara and Marco "Toni" (if you are into football, you might know him - he is an amazing professional player), and the baptism of their little baby girl Loulou. We really loved this happy celebration in the Harz Mountains. And there really is so much to love: from the fact that this was a completely vegan wedding, including tea time, a vegan wedding cake, cake pops and a three course all-vegan buffet (#vegancouplesrule), to so many lovely details, like bridesmaids in lacey blush pink dresses and white Chucks, fireworks, flowercrowns, confetti, and Laras stunner of a dress (I mean. Look at this back!). 

Lara and Toni: from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for having us and for being such a joy to be around.