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This is who we are.

Who we are on paper: a psychologist wife and a graphic designer husband turned photographers living in Karlsruhe & Berlin, Germany. Who we are in our hearts: free spirits, passionate about nature and the environment, forever growing, forever learning and forever loving life. We love to visit new places (YAY! for elopements and destination weddings) and the feeling of getting home again afterwards. We love kindred spirits, open minds and hearts. And we love when everything falls into place - just the way it did when we fell in love, started this adventure together and chose to live our dream by becoming photographers. Because in the end everything falls into place, if we just dare to listen. How else would you find love?

We experience everything together. Started photography together. We created this business together. So our family name became our business name.

We are Pia and Christian. But on this adventure we are one.

We are the saums.


Why weddings, you ask?

We surround ourselves with happiness. We dive into your families. We capture a glimpse of your love. There are only few times in life that are bigger or more meaningful than this. And we get to witness them. Witness love - over, and over again. So we ask you: why not weddings?


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upcoming travels:

january - marrakech, morocco
february - cape town, south africa
march - canary islands, spain
april - north sea, denmark
may - algarve, portugal
june - alps, switzerland
july - north sea, germany
august - lake como, italy
august - paris, france
august - lago di garda, italy
september - mallorca, spain
october - jurassic coast, england
october - london, england
november - ireland
december - north sea, denmark
december - bristol, england
december - cornwall, england


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We are Pia Anna and Christian, a destination wedding & fashion photographer couple from Germany, providing wedding memories for free-spirited, adventurous couples around the world.
Karlsruhe // Basel // Berlin // Hamburg // Mallorca // Worldwide

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