Abies + David // Intimate Jerusalem Wedding


"Your soul stained my shoulders. My whole life smells like you." - Nayyirah Waheed

The bride and groom dancing and singing through the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City after their ceremony (held in the middle of a staircase in a lovely neighborhood) was one of our happiest moments as wedding photographers, ever. It's no secret we love to travel, and when Abies and David approached us to fly to Israel with them we found ourselves beyond excited to experience Jerusalem, it's history and people (And it's food. God bless hummus!). Their wedding was just special - just as special as they are. No priest, no officiant, no big wedding party and reception. Just an intimate wedding with their dearest and nearest in the most unconventional, but most fitting way. They listened to their hearts when planning this - not to conventions. A couple after our own hearts!

So they packed their bags in Cologne and brought their closest family and friends to the place that means the most to them, to celebrate what’s most important to them: love and faith. We will never get over these two, the city of Jerusalem or the whole experience that this christian wedding in Israel was.

Their love. Their faith. One of a kind.


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